Cold Headed Fasteners - Made in the USA
Weld StudsWeld Studs
  • ARC Weld Studs
  • CD Weld Studs
  • Drawn ARC Studs
  • Resistance Weld Stud
Standard FastenersStandard Fasteners
  • Hex Head Screws
  • Pan Head Screws
  • Phillips Screws
  • Fillisters
  • Bolts
Special FastenersSpecial Fasteners
  • Clevis Pins
  • Collar Pins
  • Threaded/Non-Threaded Fasteners
  • Shoulder Screws
  • Modified Standard Fasteners
  • Assemblies
  • Non-Standard Rivets

Cold Headed Fasteners specializes in weld studs and standard & special fasteners. Our local heat-treating and plating services are available for most requirements. We head, thread, slot, shave, and roll form material as also provide SPC, P-PAPS, and have trace ability of all materials used in our manufacturing operations.

Standard materials include mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum, and specialty materials include titanium, brass, bronze, steel, carbon, stainless steel, and more. We make specials in ARC welding, including Gas ARC and Drawn ARC. We also manufacture collar studs, shoulder studs, straight pins and studs with full or partial threads.